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Patient rescue mission conducted with the assistance of German Help One from Gonaives, Haiti to Port au Prince, Haiti. See more subsequent trips by this heli-mission team.

Through their assistance, patient was able to travel to the US bypassing the tough roads in Haiti.





Compassion of the Church: Springing Faith into Action for Haiti

By Jaisal Noor
From the February 19, 2010 issue |

Pastor Testar St. Victor of Mount of Olives Church of God in Flatbush, Brooklyn, recently returned from transporting over 500 pounds of relief materials, including toiletries, first aid items and canned goods, to the church’s Mount Olives Mission in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. The church’s Pentecostal congregation of more than 2,000 Haitian members began collecting supplies the day after the earthquake.

In early March, 30 members of the Mount of Olives Church of God will travel to Haiti to deliver more aid and volunteer in relief efforts.

Despite record amounts of donations — U.S.-based charities have raised more than $500 million in aid to Haiti, with some of the largest amounts raised by the Red Cross ($271 million), the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund ($40 million) and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF ($44.7 million) — Pastor Victor says the burden for Haiti’s future will fall on the shoulders of the Haitian-American community.

“At this point it’s our turn to rally and to get everyone together. It’s our responsibility to go where the Red Cross cannot go. The point is it is up to us, as Haitians, to get ourselves together to rebuild. And we will,” Pastor Victor said.


Orange Church Holds Service and Becomes Collection Point

By Walter Elliot
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ORANGE - The Mt. Olive Church of God has been a Haiti collection point since Jan. 13 and - for about two hours - a site for a multi-minister prayer service Jan. 17.

The church, at 24 Cleveland St., has a giant banner announcing its regional collection point. Its senior pastor had meanwhile invited five colleagues from as many local Haitian-American churches to pray and preach Jan. 17.

Mt. Olive was packed by about 1,000 people despite a cold rainstorm. Many of the parishioners - as well as singers from five churches - wore the dark blue and red of the Haitian flag in solidarity.

The mostly Pentecostal congregation - one minister was from the Universalist church across the street - waved hands to prayers and hymns in English and French. Psalm 46 1-11 was among the Scriptures read.

Mt. Olive's sanctuary was originally built in 1912 by Christian Scientists - they also had a reading room at 18 Cleveland St. - into the 1980s. A Korean-language church congregated there before Mt. Olive arrived.



MyHeart4haiti Benefit Gala

By Wanny Mannasse
Thursday, June 3, 2010

If you would like to see pictures from the June 3 evening, please click on the link below or copy/paste into your browser:

For those requesting additional details about the Haitian artwork that was present that evening, please visit or contact:
Vivant Art Collection - - Gallery Row, 60 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel:310-612-4636.


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