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The Republic of Haiti is the first black nation to claim independence. Haiti was freed from French occupation in 1804 when a rebellion occured, and the people decided to become the first idependent nation in Latin America. Haiti is about 10,714 square miles, slightly bigger than the state of Massachussetts. Haiti obtained the name from the native Indians that inhabitted the island because of its high mountains. Haiti's official languages are French and Creole. The Culture of Haiti is influenced by many. From Africa, France, Spain, and the Taino and Amerindians, Haiti has embraced a rich cultural background that paved the way for many Carribean countries. On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed the majority of the Western coast of the island. As we all put our efforts together to rebuild Haiti, please enjoy these links on the rich history of the republic of AYITI, pronounced (I-E-T).


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